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Hello to everyone seeking more than just a job – searching for a career! Consider us as a partner in building your success.

"The Recruiter Group. Your partner in employment."

1. We are open to all job seekers and employers.

2. We are also present in the European job market, opening up new possibilities.

3. We are an innovative agency that follows all trends in employment.

Not satisfied with the current development of your career?

We provide complete support in finding a job. Our agency will prepare you for interviews with employers and locate job listings that suit your profile.

Our employment agency has been involved in job placement both domestically and internationally for a long time. We have developed a reliable and extensive network of business partners throughout Croatia, as well as in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We are at your disposal for all your inquiries.

Trebate reprezentativan životopis? Naša agencija nudi Vam uslugu pisanja životopisa (CV-a)

Jedna od naših usluga uključuje pisanje profesionalnih životopisa vrhunske kvalitete na engleskom jeziku, kao i prijevod vašeg postojećeg životopisa s hrvatskog jezika na engleski. Također pružamo usluge izrade jedinstvenih i posebno dizajniranih životopisa koji na kreativan način pričaju priću o vašoj karijeri i osobnosti, takozvani kreativni životopisi.

Imate potrebu za kvalitetnim djelatnicima?

Kvalitetni djelatnici ključ su uspjeha bilo kojeg poslovanja. S našom agencijom, pružamo Vam pristup visokokvalificiranom kadru koji će vašu tvrtku dovesti do novih visina izvrsnosti.

Neka vaša tvrtka napreduje s pravim ljudima na pravim mjestima a mi smo tu da Vam olakšavamo proces zapošljavanja i osiguravamo da dobijete visokokvalitetne djelatnike koji će unaprijediti Vašu organizaciju.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In general, there is demand for all professions in IT, medical staff, doctors, workers in various industries, etc.

Depending on the employer, job offer, signing of the employment contract, documentation collected by the job seeker, whether the employer is in Croatia or abroad, etc. Generally, it takes from one week to a maximum of one month to establish the first initial working day.

For certain jobs, the traditional two-page written resume no longer stands out in the competitive job market. A creative resume is specifically designed to showcase your creative skills, problem-solving abilities, and is an excellent way to stand out among a crowd of other applicants. A creative resume is a non-traditional format that does not follow the usual structure of a conventional resume. These resumes are imaginative and visually appealing, often presented in an infographic format. This allows the candidate not only to display their work experience but to focus on their abilities as well.

First, your resume is the first opportunity to make a good impression on a potential employer. Whether you are applying for your first job or a completely new position, your resume is what will set you apart from other candidates in the employer’s mind. If you believe you are the best person for the job, your resume must reflect that. It should also showcase your skills, personality, and previous work experience, all eloquently written to clearly demonstrate your uniqueness and potential to the future employer. Your resume can lead to different outcomes, either securing an interview opportunity or ending up in the trash with other resumes. Therefore, a well-written resume is of the utmost importance when applying for a job, increasing your chances of engaging with the employer and securing the position.

Going for an interview can be very stressful for some, but with our help and advice, we can make it easier for you to prepare as best as possible. When you contact us, you are already going through the first selection interview, where we determine if you are a qualified person for the desired job, giving you insight into what your interview with the employer will look like.